About AMC

On December 23rd, 1994, the High School initials were drawn. Three decades and the torch of future generations is still burning, illuminating the paths of those who walk into the fields of science, research, progress, civilization, and advancement. Three decades and the school has been striving to prepare generations of students to become active and successful citizens.



Ajyal Al-Mostakbal High School consists of two buildings, an outdoor basketball court, and an indoor soccer field.

The first building has three floors. The first floor contains the administrative offices in addition to the medical clinic and the robotics lab. The second floor consists of eleven classrooms, all of which contain interactive boards, in addition to a teacher’s room, an arts room, and a laboratory with the latest equipment, allowing for innovative and interactive teaching which awakens interest and develops the students’ ability to observe, accurately record, and draw conclusions based on facts.


As for the third floor, it has nine classes equipped with interactive boards, a teacher's room, a meeting room, in addition to a computer room.


The school’s second building, Petra Building, is dedicated to the kindergarten department, and it consists of ten classrooms, three of which have interactive boards. The building also contains a sports room, a kitchen, and a library. And this building has a special playground for kindergarten students allowing them to have a comfortable and enjoyable time.