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Why Choose Ajyal Al Mostakbal College?

Ajyal Al Mostakbal College offers education to students from KG1 to grade 12. The remarkable space its campus occupies in the Bazourieh region, along with its modern curriculum, and its constant endeavors for improvement provide an insight into the quality education it provides.

AMC is one of the first schools in Lebanon to adopt modern blended education. It joined the Global Education family in 2021, seeking to manage and improve the school using the latest educational solutions, tools, and methodologies to transform conventional education to modern, competency-based smart and innovative learning. Such transformation provides an engaging learner’s journey, which can adapt to any situation, from in-class presence to blended and online delivery. The flexibility in administrative and pedagogical services allows for adaptive personalized learning, which copes with the diversity of learning styles, speed, and needs of different students in the same class, especially after two years of educational turbulence during COVID-19 pandemic.

Trained educators facilitate learning through the impactful use of interactive digital content inside and outside the classroom, delivered through a modern integrated learning platform, a rich digital library of learning resources, mapped to the Lebanese curriculum, a collaborative learning workspace, virtual classrooms, and in-class interactive screens available in school for all grades. In addition, a special ICT curriculum coupled to a Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation lab is implemented to coach learners in coping with the latest technologies and showcase their creativity.

AMC, managed by Global Education, ensures the development of students’ future-proof core competencies and skills so they can meet the needs and constant changes of the job market and modern life.

Governance Model

AMC has a governance model of three entity levels: First is the board of Trustees (BoT) whose role is to develop the school’s academic and administrative improvement strategies, and supervise the overall management of the school. Second is AMC’s senior management applying academic and administrative improvement strategies set by the BoT and reporting back to it. And third are the academic and administrative departments that implement school operations based on world-class Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs), and in collaboration with elected representatives of teachers, students, parents and alumni. In addition, AMC’s EdTech Advisory Board informs school’s senior management of EdTech market trends and needs.


AMC aims at empowering students in order to cope with the demands of a constantly changing world and to become active citizens and leaders capable of making advances in their societies.

AMC educates students’ minds, bodies, and souls in a complementary way through a curriculum based on core competencies consolidating their values, principles, approaches to life and its challenges, and enriching their characters.

The effective approach in teaching and learning at AMC targets the following core competencies: critical thinking, creativity and innovation, problem solving, leadership and entrepreneurship, national and digital citizenship and global awareness, digital literacy, and various social and emotional skills, including communication, collaboration and cooperation, empathy and respect of diversity.

Our Graduates: Ready for the Future, Ready for the Job Market

AMC is aware of challenges caused by the rapid development in all aspects of life, in addition to the ongoing changes in the demands of the job market. That is why, we provide a flexible, modern, and deep learning program to our students equipping them with the necessary competencies and skills to evolve, cope and deal with these challenges.

The competencies our students acquire are transferable from one job to another, and from one career domain to another. Moreover, the growth mindset we train them to develop allows them to remain rooted in the values of our cultural heritage and in the experience of our present time while adapting to the different future possibilities and opportunities for change they may face in their social and professional lives, and train them on coping and coexisting with evolving technologies.


AMC students are provided with varied blended learning opportunities through both face-to-face and online sessions. They are well prepared to utilize and adapt to diverse virtual working and learning environments.

Our trained teachers use the educational tools and resources provided through our specialized learning platform. This platform includes an online library with e-resources from renowned international libraries, mapped to the Lebanese curriculum. It also contains an adaptive learning management system, and virtual classroom applications, as well as other collaborative tools that promote team work and collaborative learning skills.

This modern high-tech solution for blended learning offers learners, teachers, and parents an entirely new experience and perspective on education promoting learners’ growth mindset. AMC students are thus equipped with the necessary skills to become lifelong learners who can excel in various virtual learning and working environments

School Management Board

AMC school management board consists of the following members:

  • School Principal
  • Division Heads
  • Subject Coordinators
  • Elected representatives of students, parents and alumni.

The AMC school management board reports directly to GE Central Team, and the Board of Trustees.


Board of Trustees

Chairman: Mr Ali Nehme Nesr

GE Central Team

Chairman: Dr. Milad Sebaaly

School Principal - Ms. Mira Maroun Chammas
Head Of KGs - Zainab Kheshen
Cycles 1&2 - Maha Karam
Secretariat - Raghida Srour
Science Coordinator - Shiraz Khairallah
Math Coordinator - Hassan Issa
Head Of Section & English Coordinator - Iman Basma
Arabic Coordinator - Ali Manaa
Admissions & Finance Manager - Fatima Fraidy

AMC & Global Education

Global Education (GE) is a leading company specialized in the management and development of educational institutions, with extensive experience in building innovative educational models. GE uses the latest pedagogical approaches, teaching methods and educational technologies to develop schools from a pedagogical and administrative point of view.

GE implements innovative strategies to develop the school and change its teaching and management patterns, in order to keep pace with the changing requirements of society and modern labor market.

Schools managed by GE have access and are trained on the use of our specialized learning platform, Global Education Institute, which offers a digital solution for both synchronous and asynchronous learning situations through an adaptive Learning Management System, virtual classroom applications, and an enriched digital library. It also facilitates collaborative work and learning through technological tools and applications. 

GE has extensive experience in designing innovative learning models, implementing the most up-to-date pedagogical approaches and educational technologies. Moreover, GE applies modern management approaches and proven best practices. Its change management strategies, digital transformation plans for administrative and academic services, in addition to its governance model, are all highly transparent, efficient and impactful. The firm is based in Lebanon, and has regional presence and international expertise.

A school “Managed by Global Education” is one going through a major transformation towards becoming a world-class 21st-century educational institution. It will be known for providing high-quality education, using the latest methodologies and technologies, at affordable tuition, using flexible and agile delivery, equitable management, and effective governance.

Global Education Institute

GE provides the school with “Global Education Institute - GEI”, a unique integrated technology platform for students, teachers, parents and administrators, through which all educational and administrative applications and digital content are accessed. This platform consists of the following components:

  • Digital Content: The platform contains a unified digital library for storing, developing or compiling any required digital content, according to international standards.
  • Delivering Blended Learning: The platform contains the applications required to provide synchronous digital learning (Virtual Classroom – VC –) and asynchronous digital learning (Assignments with auto-tracking and auto-correction, through a Learning Management System – LMS-, and assignments with manual tracking and correction), in an interconnected and unified manner.
  • Learning and Collaborative Technologies: The platform provides an environment for collaborative work between  students and teachers that allows them to work simultaneously on multiple applications through Google workspace, thus giving them an easy electronic environment to organize and manage collaborative academic work.
  • School Management System: organizes all administrative activities in the school, including registration, accounting and human resource management.

    When utilized with the smart interactive boards and panels installed in every classroom, GEI provides teachers and students with a modern, adaptive and flexible ecosystem for implementing the best practices of blended smart learning.

From Lebanon To The Entire World

Benefiting from the diversity and richness of the Lebanese educational system, AMC prepares learners capable of leading and innovating wherever they live and work.

AMC builds on the solid content of the well-established Lebanese curriculum and modernizes it with an innovative blended learning model which adopts the latest pedagogical approaches and educational technologies, to produce a new generation of accomplished learners, equipped with global 21st century competencies while promoting their unique national heritage and character traits.

For the post-pandemic era, AMC has also developed readiness to deliver impactful online learning to the Lebanese diaspora everywhere in the world.